Global Game Jam

I have been the Cincinnati organizer for the Global Game Jam for the past 5 years. Since 2016 I have hosted these 48 hour events with 300 attendee’s


2016 – Ritual
2017 – Waves
2018 – Transmission
2019 – What does home mean to you?
2020 – Repair


Each year The Global Game Jam committee provides hosts with a theme – that theme is then distributed to the attendee’s and they have 48 hours to make a game based off of said theme. I find and coordinate with our host location what will happen during that time, manage all social media channels promoting our event – before, during and after, seek additional sponsorship’s from both local and large companies to aid us in creating the best event possible.
The goals I strive to put in place for the game jam is building an environment for creatives to thrive, meet like minded individuals, and above all learn a new skill. Global is our most popular events and people come hours away to attend our event to participate. All of my events are free of charge, location is at The University of Cincinnati and if any cost is to arise is taken care of via sponsorships. It is always a blast organizing these events and the creativity that comes out of a short period of time is mind boggling.


In total – from the Global Game Jam alone – we have created 41 games in 5 years on a 48 hour time crunch.
Global Game Jam is one of three game jam’s I host every year.