IGDA Cincinnati

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April 2015 I was appointed as an organizer for the International Game Developer Association – Cincinnati chapter. Since then I have treated this community and organization like my own startup. Looking for new ways to bring people together to create games, educate, create jobs and have fun doing so. Each month I hold two meetings a month, One will always be a networking meet up, allowing everyone to get together, meet the new members and show off some games they are working on.

The second meetup is in constant rotation of various topics. We reach out the industry speakers to get their take on how they got into the industry, various tips, what they are working on and an inside glimpse of some of the accomplishments and struggles the had when developing their game. There is always a game jam every three months to always give member’s the opportunity to create a game based on a topic I will provide.  Project’s & Pizza is a more hands on networking event allowing member’s to bring in the game they are working on and get direct feedback.

My goal is to create an inviting community of game developers that help one another build the games they want to build and provide them with the resources they need to go further than just a hobby project.

I have partnered with the local colleges in the Northern Kentucky\Cincinnati area to bring students into the world of game development, High Schools to aid young students to get into programming at a young age by creating something fun.

Cincinnati has a plethora of startup’s – We have worked with TheMonetizr, Loreful, ZidZid, Glimmar and Social Arcade to help them get connected with fellow developers and get the audience feedback they needed for their product. The Startup Community in town has also been amazing to work with. We have been able to provide the resources to game developers in Cincinnati that are taking the step to create their own studio and pointing them in the right direction in order to get the help to do so. Because of IGDA Cincinnati we have motivated members to start their own company with 20+ studios and counting.

My organization team and I are taking the IGDA Cincinnati community to a new level by developing the OKI Game Development Collation. We are working with the game development communities in Cleveland, Columbus, Youngstown, Lexington, Louisville, and Chicago to create a portal site so member’s can always be int he know of all events the various communities are running, and this is just the start of what this could be.