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The iNKUbator is an entrepreneurship branch in the college of Business aiding students with new business. Each Summer students present their idea to a series of judges There are around 200 applicants and only 20 get to present in front of a judge. In the end only eight are picked each year to participate. Both 2013 and 2014 I was accepted in the iNKUbator for the idea of Pet Monster and GameMaster.Me

iNKUbator Class of 2013

Pet Monster

Pet Monster - Originally pitched as a task managing application with gamified reward systems to encourage users to keep at the mundane day to day chores the app haphazardly pivoted to focusing specifically on Pet Owners. Pet Monster is an app targeted towards families with pets or more so families with children who want a pet. Problem that I found was every kid at some point wants a pet. The parents cave in as along as the child takes care of it. Eventually the child stops taking them on a walk and becomes the parents job to do so. Pet Monster was to aid and educate the family on why is it important for you to walk your dog for example - educate the child and reward them with points for toys reats they could give to the pet.This projected ended after finding out about the company FamilyTech.



GameMaster.Me - A mobile and web app designed for Dungeons and Dragons players that have boxes and boxes of notes from over the years. How great would it be if you could store, share and play your games online with for friends? GameMaster was the key to sharing massive stories. characters and home made items. Our key idea was the ability to share content with other users so the host could store all their notes all in one spot.This project ended after the announcement of DnD Beyond.</p> <p>

InkubatorFINAL (1)

iNKUbator Judge

Mentor - I was humbly asked to be apart of the judges panel for the class of 2018. I sat in on a dozen different student presentation's and gauged if not only the idea but if the student them self would be a good fit for the program.