Mega Cincinnati

MEGA Cincinnati is a bi-yearly event I hold with the aid of the other creative content creators communities in Cincinnati. It is a massive networking session of 6+ communities to which all have crossover for the types of content our members are creating.

The problem I recognized was that all communities had overlapping events specifically in December to get one last event in before the holidays. As someone that both runs a community and is active in others I was missing out on various events. Thus MEGA was born! MEGA has shined light on the creatives in the Cincinnati area and connected others from different industries that others wouldnt have normally thought to attend. Game Developers found muscians, Film production found their voice over talent,  and students finding internships. Most notably there are startup companies that come to find new talent which eventually them through an accelerator at the University of Cincinnati and aquire funding. I hold MEGA every December to wrap up the year and in May to kick off the Summer. Past two years have shown promise and have plans on expanding and doing more with the event as its gets more popular.

I partner with:

  • IGDA Cincinnati
  • Cincinnati Production Meetup
  • Cincinnati Motion Group
  • Cincinnati VR Meet Up
  • Cincinnati Animation Network
  • Cincinnati Film Society
  • Black Cincinnati Cinema Colletive
  • Cincinnati Area VO Talent