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Startup Weekend 2016

Startup Weekend 2016 I partnered with a group with a vision to make Twitch.tv better. In the 36 hours we created a business plan, developed a rough but functional backend and pitch deck.

The idea behind Streamplify is how is a new streamer to Twitch suppose to be able to get an audience with other large streamers already dominating the site? Twitch does not offer any sort of Data to the users and is up to them to figure out how to obtain an audience. With Streamplify we were able to see what viewers were watching the streamer and who they would leave to watch someone else. We conducted a survey with streamers and had no idea how to grow a community on Twitch other than constantly steaming so people would notice them.


With this data we were able to help the streamer figure out what “kind” of streamer they wanted to be, humorous, competitive, guides, etc. Not only was our platform able to help build channels on Twitch, the plan was to also have this information available for potential sponsoring companies to find new streamers with a dedicated audience.
Streamers are getting dedicated viewers while sponsoring companies get their product advertised. It was a win win on both ends.

In the end we won Startup Weekend 2016. Both the Pitch and a mobile recording of the pitch can be viewed below.